Cape Brett, no sweat

When you're a list obsessed, plan-everything-ahead, uber organised earthling, having someone take control of the reigns and devise an adventure in such spectacular detail is a breathe of fresh air. This story begins back in September, when a  Facebook message popped up from two friends masterminding an overnight tramp to Cape Brett. These are the type of friends … Continue reading Cape Brett, no sweat


Magical Middle Earth: skiing in Queenstown

Earlier this month I spent a long weekend in Queenstown, gliding through snowcapped mountains, necking mulled wines and having my mind well and truly blown by the majesty of this Narnia-like paradise. It's actually the second time I've visited Queenstown, the first being a week last summer, and I don't know why its taken me so long to write about it. It's … Continue reading Magical Middle Earth: skiing in Queenstown

Reefs, rainforests and rainbow fish

I'm sitting in my chilly house, wearing my Icelandic cardigan, with Lola keeping my legs warm whilst the rain hits the window behind me. This couldn't be further removed from my tropical birthday getaway to Rarotonga just last week. For those that don't know, Rarotonga is the most populous of the 15 Cook Islands located in the South … Continue reading Reefs, rainforests and rainbow fish