L-O-L-A, Lola

Just over three months ago we met a scruffy little puppy from a farm in Taupo. It was love at first sight and as I sit here on my laptop with Lola’s head resting on the keyboard, I can’t imagine our lives without her.

Lola 201615

It’s taken me way too long to dedicate a blog to her. Although anyone that follows me on Instagram will know I’ve turned into a crazy dog lady as she’s taken over my feed.

Lola 201613

Lola started off her first year living on a farm with ten other working dogs. The farmer who previously had her got her for duck hunting, but being the lovable ball of fluff that she is, he felt bad that she was living outside and wanted her to have a home and family.

Lola 20169

The day we met her she turned up in the back of an old truck covered in mud, with long messy hair and bright amber eyes that would melt even the coldest of hearts. As soon as she jumped out the van and leaned up against our legs for a cuddle our minds were made up on the spot.

Lola 20168

Since that day when we picked her up and took her to the pet store to get her a new collar where she peed over the floor (first date nerves?) to this evening where she lies under my arm whilst I sing her praises to the world, she’s been the brightest ray of sunshine to ever come into our lives.

Lola 20167

Lola 20163

She pulls the best faces (see above).

Lola 20161

She’s been a pleasure to train and is so eager to please – the delight of seeing her give me her paw for the first time and learning how to roll over on command almost brought a tear to my eye (like I said – crazy dog lady).

Lola 201614

She could probably win America’s Next Top Model with that face.

Lola 201612

She’s the ultimate adventure sea pups and we can’t wait to take her on road trips around New Zealand.

Lola 20164

Lola 20162

As soon as we buy our first home we’re going to get her a canine friend to play with (and maybe some chickens and a goat).

Lola 201610

Lola 20166

Those eyes though…


Photo credit: Matthew Bronka

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