Lazy Sunday babbling and stargazing

It’s Sunday evening and we’re feeling very hungover and sorry for ourselves sprawled across the sofa (yes we finally have a piece of furniture). My attention is drawn to a very bright and very yellow glow in the sky, which is the fiery Venus looking blazing as ever. Casting my attention slightly to the left is the Orion constellation, the hunter and his club. The stars carefully mapping out his belt like a dot-to-dot puzzle.

My idleness is making me feel guilty when I remember that I haven’t written a blog post in ages so here goes… The creative juices are definitely not flowing with this dull ache lurking in the back of my head so apologies for any waffling.

My new found knowledge of the New Zealand sky is all thanks to the Stardome Observatory in Epsom for their hour long ride into space on Friday night (for only $10 a ticket). This has definitely sky rocketed up the list of our favourite spots in Auckland.

Everyday Explorers

I’m back into the daily grind of work life – a two month PR contract – and that dreaded 6.30am alarm tone. We’re slowly creeping into winter and the evenings are getting cooler (although still no need for a jacket). The sea temperature has suddenly dropped and wetsuits are a necessity until spring.

I’m losing track of weeks and getting bad at keeping up any sort of diary but I’m still as snap happy as ever so these will hopefully shed light on what we’ve been doing over the last month.

Anzac weekend spent on the beautiful black sands of Piha Beach.

Everyday Explorers

Still have the scaffolding on our apartment but who cares when the sunsets look like this.


Everyday Explorers

We finally made the three hour trip to Rotorua, the town built on a super volcano, where we visited Te Puia – home of the geysers, bubbling mud pools and hot springs – and the Redwood Forest.
















We’ve got ourselves a juicer (well, we’re on our second one actually – the Breville Juice Fountain which has so far been tops) and are juicing daily. Beetroot, carrot and apple is my new obsession.

Everyday Explorers

There is always time for this… 🙂


Everyday Explorers

This is the only good thing about the 6.30am alarm clock.

Everyday Explorers

The Queen’s birthday is coming up and for us that means a bank holiday, so we’re planning a trip up to the Bay of Islands in Northland, which will be our furthest adventure since we arrived. We need a mini holiday from the city and this is the ideal spot for some leisurely snorkelling before winter sets in.

We’re starting to feel the distance between family and friends which can be tough, but it only takes a 30 minute drive to the coast to remind us why we’re here.

I’m signing off now so I can return to my hungover post under a blanket on the sofa with some chips and dip.

Big love always to our nearest and dearest back home xxx

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