Back to life, back to reality

Autumn is upon us and its nothing as expected…I packed my suitcase full of boots and jeans but it turns out Auckland’s Autumn is like an English summer. My one pair of short dungarees has seen me through the last few weeks whilst we eagerly await the arrival of our nine shipped boxes full of summer pieces.

Matt is in his second week at work and I’m cracking down on the job hunt. The extended holiday is officially over and any time spent on the beach is a guilt trip whilst I’m still unemployed.

Easter weekend has blurred into the rest of my three week holiday here. Whilst I’m basking in my leisurely lifestyle, I am very aware that I don’t have any money coming in and its holding me back from filling our apartment with personality.

We’ve discovered an absolute treasure chest of vintage delights on the other side of the bay in Northcote. I may as well set up a direct debit to Junk and Disorderly now as all my future wages will be poured straight into the giant warehouse of antique furniture and curiosities.

Junk and Disorderly

Junk and Disorderly

We have some new additions to the household, in the form of a stool, some up-cycled school chairs and a table. We’ve also been sofa shopping at the weekend (which was confusing and tiring and not something I recommend) so the beach pad is starting to fill out a bit.



Above all else, we have been exploring the rest of the North Island and its endless charm.

The rest of our week in pictures

Watching Jaws at Silo Park’s open air cinema.

Everyday Explorers

Beautful Piha Beach on the west coast – lots of black sand, rugged coast and surfers.


Auckland Harbour overlooking the city and Sky Tower.


My two new obsessions. Seaweed salad and salt’n’pepper squid.


The waterfront container library.


Our bay side running route which is all the motivation you need to get your running shoes on.


Our back garden beach. The best time for swimming is between 5-7pm when the sun is still out and the tide is in. A perfect post-work refresher.


My favourite New Zealand tree which looks like its from a Dr Seuss story.


Goat Island, Leigh – we spent the afternoon snorkelling around this island and saw lots of colourful sealife.


When you get outside of the city you’ll mostly find scenes like this.


Testing out the new scuba gear in the garden…


Happy Easter everyone!


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