Auckland is HEAPS good: my first week in pictures

We arrived in the Pacific island of New Zealand early Saturday morning to a warm and tropical climate. The past week has been endless appointments, trying to get our lives together, starting from scratch. Everyone we have spoken to has been beyond helpful and there is a really friendly vibe in Auckland.


We’ve explored most of Auckland City by foot and in Jak, the newest member of our NZ family (below right).

Everyday Explorers

Auckland has kept us very well fed with its endless eateries. So far Ponsonby wins in the foodie stakes with rows upon rows of cool and interesting restaurants. Parnell has a tasty chocolate shop as well so you can stop in on the way home for dessert!

Bird on a Wire, Ponsonby – the bahn mi and Korean BBQ rolls are ace

Everyday Explorers

Petra Sharwarma, Kingsland – Jordanian delights


Reeses Pieces milkshake @ Grill and Shakes, Kingsland


We have viewed seven places to rent and applied for one by the beach – we found out today that we got it and move in tomorrow!  Photos to follow soon but here are a few of the nearby beach…

Everyday Explorers

Pretty cool to have this as your back garden! There is also a park at the end of the road with ocean views and big climbing trees.

Point Erin Park

Everyday Explorers

So our first week in Auckland has been amazing. The food is good, the stars in the evening sky are BEAUTIFUL, the weather is tropical, we have a beautiful new home, the people are cool and friendly, sushi is cheap, there is ocean at every viewpoint, job opportunities have started rolling in.

The city is the perfect size, not too big but lots on offer to keep you entertained. I can’t wait to venture outside of the city and check out the rest of the country.

Over and out!

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